Protecting & Promoting the Interest of Small Business Federal Contractors


NaFCA aims to achieve legislative and regulatory reform on issues the community has identified as primary hurdles to its continued success in the federal marketplace. These issues include access to contracts, size standards, subcontracting and contract bundling.

NaFCA’s success is based on its disciplined, methodical process of applied research combined with community input and mobilization, permitting us to educate and persuade lawmakers, agencies and the community to implement meaningful change.

Below is a record of NaFCA’s most recent communications and publications.

NaFCA Publishes Position Paper on NDAA (more)

White Paper: Federal Subcontracting Reform: A Private Sector Government Joint Initiative (more)


White Paper: 2010-2011 Small Business Snapshot (more)

White Paper: Proposed Size Standards Solutions Draft (more)

Letter to Soraya Correa (DHS) Suggesting Inclusion of a 1500 Employee Competitive Track on EAGLE II Via Use of Small Business Reserve Awards (more)\

Call to All Small Business: Thank the Air Force for Their CAPS II Actions (more)

Air Force’s Unprecedented Response Granting Modification of CAPS II Evaluation Criteria (more)

Letter to Janet Napolitano of DHS Regarding the Absence of a 1500 Employee Competitive Track on EAGLE II (more)

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Letter to the Air Force to Requesting Modification of CAPS II Evaluation Criteria to Permit Greater Small Business Participation (more)

White Paper: The Delex Case, GAO Rules in Favor of Delex Systems, Inc. - Rule of Two on Task/Delivery Orders under Multiple-Award Contracts. (Click here to read the white paper.)

Issues & NafCA Action