Protecting & Promoting the Interest of Small Business Federal Contractors


Policy development in this country is driven by interest groups. NaFCA was formed in response to the widely-stated need to develop an organization defending and promoting the rights of small federal contractors. Over time, NaFCA has grown to become an experienced policy development organization, which operates by first building collaborative, solutions-driven partnerships with the community at large before proceeding to address policy makers.

NaFCA aims to achieve reform on major issues affecting small federal contractors, issues persisting for decades, identified by community consensus as the biggest hurdles to competitive viability. These issues include Access to Contracts, Size Standards, Subcontracting and Bundling.

Click the links below to find out more about each of these issues and the actions NaFCA taken on behalf of the small business federal contractors.

Issues & NafCA Action


Review the SBA’s Recommendations Concerning Small Business Size Standards here

Insourcing, policy changes limiting service contracts to three years, over emphasis on low-cost proposals over best value and increasingly demanding productivity requirements are challenges for 2011 that small business have not faced in the past.  NaFCA understands the urgency of protecting the small business contracting community from any harm that new regulation and budget cuts may inflict.  Your voice demanding change and your efforts for driving change will count most if you join with likeminded business in an interest group like NaFCA – together, we can.

Political Enviroment
Policy development in our great nation is driven by organized interests.  Powerful lobbying groups sponsored by large business have prevented chance in subcontracting and bundling policies, causing small businesses’ market share to dwindle.    Your voice demanding change and your efforsts for driving change will count most if you join with likeminded business in an interest group like NaFCA – together, we can.

Protecting Your Existence
Present small business policies do nothing to prevent the shrinking of opportunities available to businesses like yours.  NaFCA is the first and only interest group which fights to develop, protect and expand opportunities and rights for small federal contractors.  As a part of NaFCA, you too can become an instrument of change for the benefit of the small business community and for better policy to serve your business.