Protecting & Promoting the Interest of Small Business Federal Contractors


Fernando Galaviz (more info)
Chairman of the NaFCA Board

Thomas D. Johnson (more info)
Publisher, Set-Aside Alert

Kenneth S. Tolson (more info)
2009 Obama Appointee for Member, President’s Board of Advisors on Historically Black

Raul Espinosa (more info)
Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of the Fairness Procurement Alliance (FPA)

Stephen Denlinger (more info)
President - Latin American Management Association (LAMA)

Theodore M. Prociv, Ph.D. (more info)

Management Accomplishments

• Advocated for legislation to support the small business subcontracting program.
• Lead advocacy effort for the inclusion of liquidated damages in subcontracting legislation. • Guided the development of the HUBZone program.
• Facilitated changes in the initial GSA Alliant contract strategy which had required small businesses to compete directly with large integrators.
• Guided SBA in withdrawing the proposed size standard rules of July 2004 that universally set small business ceilings at 150 employees.
• Assisted in the establishment of a federal database to identify small and minority businesses throughout the United States.
• Contributed to the establishment of the Department of Transportation’s women-owned programs.
• Succeeded in changing numerous set aside Request For Proposals (RFP), including Air Force CAPS II, to ensure more fair and reasonable competition.
• Aggressively promoted anti-bundling policies
• Assisted in the inception of the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA).
• Promoted creation and expansion of the 8(a) program, protecting the program against challenges.

Proven Successful

NaFCA senior management have been driving meaningful change for more than four decades, making significant contributions to improvement of small business subcontracting programs; to the development of the HUBZone program; to changing the initial GSA Alliant contract strategy; changing the proposed SBA size standard rules in 2004; establishing women’s business programs; promoting anti bundling policies; establishing the Minority Business Development Agency and to many more.

Advisory Group

The Advisory Group is a collection of small business executives, interested in participating in the solutions development and the legislative reform process, who serve as a sounding board for NaFCA, participating in prioritization of issues to be addressed at the Solutions Summits. The Advisory Group has the flexibility of organizing subcommittees to focus on any specific issue, to identify experts to support solutions development and may interface with officials of the executive and legislative branch of government.

Advisory Group positions are awarded to individuals of professed business acumen on an honorary basis, as strictly volunteer, unpaid positions. The Group meets quarterly and on an as needed basis.