Protecting & Promoting the interest of Small Business Federal Contractors



DoD RELEASES FOLLOW-UP MEMO TO BETTER BUYING POWER (BBP) Dr. Carter's well-known memo about "doing more without more" was today followed up with a draft of BBP 2.0. Dr. Carter and Mr. Frank Kendall mention repeatedly that increasing small business roles, opportunities, and utilization are part of the key to meaningful cost reduction at the DoD. You can download the full text at the Defense Acquisition Portal website.

$851M AIR FORCE CONTRACT MOVED TO SMALL BUSINESS Small business advocacy and Air Force priority focus is beginning to show some succcess as five small businesses win an $851 million Air Force contract that had previously been a single award to a large business. This Washington Technology article has more details.

DELTEK HELPING AGENCIES REACH SMALL BUSINESS GOALS? The federal government didn’t meet its small-business goals in fiscal 2011, but Deltek analysts expect that agencies might get closer in 2012, thanks to renewed focus by procurement officials. This Washington Post article explains.

FISCAL UNCERTAINTY IMPACTS SMALL BUSINESS The fact that the federal government has not had a budget since 2009 and keeps operating under temporary stopgap measures is making it harder for small business contractors to make strategic plans. This CNN article has more.

SEQUESTRATION! WHY SMALL BUSINESSES ARE LESS ALARMED: NaFCA believes that due to the scope of work performed by many small businesses (professional services, performance support, etc.), there is less risk for catastrophic program cuts as is the case for large businesses. That is not to say there will not be budget cuts and the effects of LPTA are being felt throughout the market, but unless government agencies eliminate infrastructure, which small businesses support, the outlook is less dim for small businesses. Read this recent article in the Washington Post for additional background.

ANOTHER DISAPPOINTING YEAR FOR SMALL BUSINESS FEDERAL CONTRACTORS: When the SBA released its annual federal small business procurement scorecard, the results were sobering. Once again, federal agencies - in aggregate - failed to meet the 23% goal set for small business utilization across all federal agencies. Read more in this FCW article.

Federal government misses small business contract goal - again: For the sixth year in a row, the government has missed its goal to award 23% of all federal contract dollars to small businesses. Read more in this article.

NaFCA NOMINATES BRIG. GENERAL WENDY MASIELLO FOR SBA SMALL BUSINESS PROCUREMENT CHAMPION OF 2011: The National Federal Contractors Association (NaFCA) nominates the Air Force Brig. Gen. Wendy M. Masiello as ‘Small Business Procurement Champion’ for National Small Business Week 2011 to acknowledge her personal leadership in support of the small business community on several important small business procurements including NETCENTS I & NETCENTS II, Aerospace Research, Development, Test and Evaluation Advisory and Assistance Services (ARDTEAS) and Consolidated Acquisition of Professional Services II (CAPS II). The award category of ‘Small Business Procurement Champion’ does not yet exist but NaFCA respectfully requests that the SBA consider establishing it because a leadership like General Masiello’s on small business procurement issues deserves recognition. (Click here to read NaFCA’s nomination letter)

NaFCA COLLABORATES WITH SET-ASIDE ALERT TO ORGANIZE SMALL BUSINESS ISSUE SUMMITS: Set-Aside Alert, in coordination with a group of small business trade associations including the National Federal Contractors Association (NaFCA), is making plans for its Solution Summit Series, a string of issue conferences beginning in March.

Each summit in this multi-part series comprehensively addresses one of a multitude of challenges facing small federal contractors today and is designed to foster a collaborative partnership between business owners, executives, association leaders and government representatives, whose combined input will produce solutions translating into legislative and regulatory change. (more)

NaFCA CHAIRMAN TESTIFIES BEFORE CONGRESS FOR SMALL BUSINESS PARITY – National Federal Contractors Association (NaFCA) Board Chairman Fernando Galaviz testified as a witness on September 22, 2010 in a hearing before the Subcommittee on Management, Organization and Procurement, of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. The oversight hearing, which was titled “Minority Contracting: Opportunities and Challenges for Current and Future Minority-Owned Businesses” was held to address the shrinking level of minority-owned small business participation in the federal government procurement process and possible solutions to reverse this negative trend. (more)(Click here to read the testimony)

NaFCA COLLABORATES WITH U.S. AIR FORCE ON REVISING CAPS II PROCUREMENT DESIGN: In an unprecedented move, the Air Force (AF) responded to the National Federal Contractors Association (NaFCA’s) concerns about incumbent favoritism in the procurement design of the Consolidated Acquisition of Professional Services (CAPS) II competition by posting a response on Input and FedBizOpps, stating: “the concerns presented in [NaFCA’s] letter directly corresponded to the feedback the CAPS II team has received through feedback from industry.” All requested changes were made, enabling greater participation by potential small business offerors, and will be available in the final CAPS II RFP, scheduled for release on December 13, 2010. (Click here to read NaFCA’s letter to the USAF)