Protecting & Promoting the Interest of Small Business Federal Contractors

Solutions Summit Series

The time for action is now. Do not underestimate the importance of the advocacy work planned for and conducted in 2011 as it will affect what happens to you and your business for the next two decades. We must remove the burden of thinking in old ways and not leave the decision making to the bureaucrats.

Set-Aside Alert and NaFCA are hosting the Solution Summit Series, a novel approach to solutions development for four major challenges (Size Standards, Bundling, Access to Contracts & Subcontracting) facing contractors in the federal market place today.

For the first time in the small business community, we are bringing together the private sector and working from their perspective. Collectively we will be developing the solutions which will more specific, more readily acceptable and more timely than waiting around for a government encumbered task force or committee.

Each solutions development life cycle will begin at one of four corresponding issue conferences and a nine week cycle using a specific solutions development process (seen below) will ensure th at our collective voices are heard.


Review the SBA’s Recommendations Concerning Small Business Size Standards here

Short Documentary on Size Standard Reform




Small business contractors are facing numerous challenges to remain viable competitors in the federal marketplace.  Not least among them are federal budget cuts, competition against the largest system integrators, in sourcing, bundling, reductions in contract length and lack of enforcement of subcontracting plans.  If they want to survive, small federal contractors must be proactive and engage with small business advocacy to have their voice heard.