The National Federal Contractors Association (NaFCA) is an established, advocacy organization that promotes and protects the rights of small federal contractors to operate and grow their businesses in fair and reasonable competition. We achieve governmental action favorable to small businesses by pooling the voices of our members to achieve the greatest good for the greatest number of the people and communities that they serve. Our goal is to serve our nation by increasing the industrial base which will provide a wider range of competitive choices to government agencies.

NaFCA is the only national trade association focusing on small business interests as it relates to the federal procurement space. We can help you protect your business, too.

Aligning with the SBA’s objectives in support of small business, NaFCA aims to achieve reform on major issues affecting small federal contractors, issues persisting for decades, identified by community consensus as the biggest hurdles to competitive viability.

NaFCA Publishes Position Paper on NDAA

NaFCA releases position paper on
the National Defense Authorization
Act addressing the need for
increased oversight, a wider range
of competitive choices, and small
businesses being proactive with
government contracting.

>Download the position statement here.


DoD RELEASES FOLLOW-UP MEMO TO BETTER BUYING POWER (BBP) Dr. Carter's well-known memo about "doing more without more" was today followed up with a draft of BBP 2.0. Dr. Carter and Mr. Frank Kendall mention repeatedly that increasing small business roles, opportunities, and utilization are part of the key to meaningful cost reduction at the DoD. You can download the full text at the Defense Acquisition Portal website.

$851M AIR FORCE CONTRACT MOVED TO SMALL BUSINESS Small business advocacy and Air Force priority focus is beginning to show some succcess as five small businesses win an $851 million Air Force contract that had previously been a single award to a large business. This Washington Technology article has more details.

DELTEK HELPING AGENCIES REACH SMALL BUSINESS GOALS? The federal government didn’t meet its small-business goals in fiscal 2011, but Deltek analysts expect that agencies might get closer in 2012, thanks to renewed focus by procurement officials. This Washington Post article explains.

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